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Technical Information

Nomenclature specified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is used to describe DWA-USA Al MMCs, thus providing a universal framework of expressing the key components of each material system.


EXAMPLE: 2009/SiC/15p

  • 2009- Aluminium Matrix Alloy
  • SiC- Silicon Carbide Reinforcement
  • 15- Reinforcement Loading By Volume Percent
  • P- Particulate Reinforcement Form

A Growing Family Of Al MMC Material Systems To Satisfy A Diverse Set Of Applications Requirements


2009/SiC/15p has an excellent balance of strength, stiffness and ductility, as well as significantly higher fatigue resistance than conventional AA2024 and AA7075. 2009/SiC/15p is used in critical aerostructural forgings and hydraulic assemblies.

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2009/SiC/25p possesses titanium matching elastic modulus in addition to higher yield and ultimate tensile strength than 2009/SiC/15p. It has been used for automotive engine moving parts as well as aerostructural applications demanding higher stiffness.

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6092/SiC/17.5p has an excellent balance of strength, stiffness and ductility in addition to the corrosion resistance of a 6000 series alloy. It is also an ideal Al MMC for precise to form extrusion with high area reduction ratios. It is used in a variety of applications ranging from aircraft control surfaces, aero-engine exit guide vanes and industrial wear-driven applications.

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6092/SiC/25p possesses Titanium-matching elastic modulus in addition to higher yield and ultimate tensile strength than 6092/SiC/17.5p. It is used in wear applications such as bearing liners and stiffness critical space structures.

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Highly Loaded Al MMCs

6091/SiC/40p and 6092/SiC/44p are highly loaded Al MMCs distinguished by their Beryllium matching CTE. The elastic modulus for these material systems is twice that of conventional aluminum alloys. 6091/SiC/40p and 6092/SiC/44p are used in stable member applications and electronic packaging. 6063/SiC/50p has even lower CTE and is used in electronic packaging applications.

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DWA-USA specializes in new aluminum-based powder metallurgy materials and applications development. We serve our customers throughout the entire development cycle, whether it be an upgrade to an existing design or starting from the ground up. Our track record for transitioning prototyping efforts to real world serial production is unparalleled.

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Density Adjusted Properties of Aluminum MMCs Compared to Steel, Titanium and Aluminum


One of the clear advantages of Al MMCs compared to conventional metallic materials is greatly enhanced strength and stiffness. These property gains are achieved without impacting material density, so the specific properties of Al MMC are dramatically increased. Al MMCs are also isotropic composite materials. Their design space is not dependent on reinforcement orientation.

DWA Aluminum Composites

Aluminum Metal-Matrix-Composites Manufacturing

The Al MMC manufacturing process can be divided into three elements- primary processing, secondary processing and finishing. Unlike other composite materials, after primary processing of the billet, Al MMCs offer a high level of “fit, form and function” when inserted into the industrial manufacturing stream, making use of conventional facilities and equipment.

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